SydneyTraveller Information  

Getting Around Sydney

  • Rail – The Sydney Trains network offers reliable and frequent services in Sydney and surrounding areas. Light rail networks run through the more popular areas of Sydney, with access to key shopping and entertainment precincts. The Sydney Metro is a high-frequency automated service providing transit links throughout key north-west regions. Facilities accept Opal cards, contactless payments or linked devices.
  • Bus – a comprehensive bus network services Sydney and surrounding areas with day and night schedules. NSW TrainLink offers coach and train services to surrounding regions and interstate.
  • Ferry – Ferries are a popular and efficient way to get around Sydney Harbour and to popular destinations like Manly. As well as taking you from A to B, they offer a pretty spectacular view of the city. A range of vessels from paddle-steamers to yachts, to jet boats also provide tours.
  • Taxis and hire services to provide point-to-point transport options which you can book, hail or access at a secure rank.
  • On-Demand – New services of On Demand transport allow you to access a range of private transport operators. Endorsed by the government, book a vehicle to pick you up and take you to the nearest transport hub, or key precincts like shopping centres or business parks.
  • Drive – A car can be handy if venturing to outer parts of Sydney and surrounding regions but avoid driving in central areas.  Car rental prices vary depending on the season, and most operators have offices at the airport and in the city. Parking can be expensive, and it is better to look for cheaper public parking or pre-book private parking. There are significant tolls on major Sydney roads, as a visitor, you must organise your electronic tag or visitors’ pass. If driving a private vehicle; most car rental companies provide e-tags. Take notice of Australian road rules If you do choose to drive, check out one of the live traffic speed apps available to help you navigate your way.
  • Community transport is available for those needing extra assistance due to impairment, disability and age, and operators are on the NSW Government Transport site. 
  • Walking and cycling are great ways to get around the city, giving you the freedom to go at your own pace and plot your adventures. Guided tours are also available or grab one of a series of walking tour brochures and be your tour guide.

An Opal card is a must-have travel accessory to make travel on the public network easy and fuss-free. All public transport services on bus, ferry, train and light-rail are coordinated by Transport NSW who provide a useful journey planner on their website. The TripView app is recommended for real-time public transport information and journey planning.